I was installing Windows 7 last weekend (for someone else, naturally) and I noted a couple of things which struck me as ironic.

First, it was an upgrade from Vista, so the installer stuck the old system in a renamed folder. Great if you need access to files from the old setup I guess, but that’s not the kind of bloke I am – I wanted it gone immediately.  Sadly, no option to do so presented itself, and I had to wait until the installation was over before I could do it manually. I selected the folder and hit delete, then waited. And waited. And waited some more.  Not only did it take nearly an hour to delete everything, Windows 7 didn’t communicate what it was doing in any clear way.  I killed the process several times with the Task Manager, thinking it had frozen, before I noticed that files were actually disappearing.

Oh dear. Linux has spoiled me – I’m used to getting useful info when I need it.

I’m also used a decent package management system, so I didn’t really worry about selecting everything suggested Windows Update when it kicked in after the installation.

Silly me. Update happily installed an update to the sounds system (Conexant HD Sound or similar), which promptly killed the sound system. In response, Windows 7 then removed all mention of the sound system from the Device Manager, and henceforth denied it had ever existed. There wasn’t anything left to uninstall anywhere, and I had to spend an hour hunting for drivers on various sites to get everything back to the way it had been.

Made my Linux sound issues look simple in comparison…