So going on holiday is a bit awkward for a one-man operation like me. Unless I want to cart a precautionary stock items around Devon for a week in case someone wants to buy a book, I have to delist my Amazon sale items for the duration of my vacation. I also (if I remember) deactivate the PayPal selling buttons on the site. Which means I might miss some sale, but a chap needs a break sometime.

Except this summer I got rather caught up in stuff, and I forgot the PayPal buttons when preparing for my hols. It shouldn’t have made much difference really, as I don’t sell many items via this route, except this time was different. Two days into my break, and suddenly my phone’s inbox starts filling up with sales notifications. It’s so unusual that my first thought is that I’ve been hacked. Then I do a Google search and this comes up:

Eight oak trees suspended in air

Note the second paragraph. That’s all it took to spike my sales.

All publicity is good, even if it means emailing relatives to ask them to fulfil orders for you.