Finally, the updated and expanded FrameCharge Press website is live!

I’ve tried to add a little depth to the site, with a few extra bells and whistles compared to the previous version, which was pretty basic.  The changes so far have been about improving the layout and navigation, including:

  • A more controlled colour scheme – to make things look nicer.
  • A consistent left navigation bar – the old one changed depending on context and as such I thought it felt a bit “impermanent” and thus lacked reliability.  I’ve moved the extra links to tabs and simplified the left navigation labelling for clarity.
  • Pages divided using tabbed navigation – I’ve always liked tabbed browsing, because it allows organisation of content without seeming to use a lot of space.  I’d love to claim that I designed and coded  it all myself, but that wouldn’t be honest; so a big thanks to the people behind this page, which I found with a Google search.
  • A fancy image gallery – The only bit of the site that isn’t controlled by CSS (for browser compatibility and simplicity).  Another Google search gave me this site, which I found most useful.
  • Some nice button designs – using the colours of the website, which I admit I used Adobe PhotoShop on Windows XP to create, based on this tutorial. In my defence I will say that it’s taken a long time to finish the redesign – I had to use my lunch breaks at work to make the buttons, where Windows was the only OS available.
  • Better CSS coding in the background – Highlighting the currently-selected option in the various navigation tools, while keeping the bulk of the code the same, so I can eventually institute them as single server-side includes on all the pages. A bit geeky perhaps, but I like the simplicity.  See here for the info.

Sunday 28th February also marks the beginning of this blog, such as it is.  This is where I’ll jot down thoughts on what I’m doing with Linux and publishing, as well as stuff about using Open Source software generally.  I’ve found the blogs of other Linux users very helpful when trying to solve my own technical issues – maybe I’ll be able to pass on a few helpful pointers along the way…

First job is likely to be an OS upgrade to get Fedora 12 up and running – more on that soon.  But for now I might just take a few days off and catch up on some TV.