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So, it’s only when you try and do anything half-way productive that you feel the constraining walls of Windows. The inability to make decent PDFs easily under XP was really, really annoying. I hadn’t realised how much I used the “print to PDF” option under Linux until it wasn’t there anymore. If you’re anything like […]

So I’ve lived with Linux Mint for a couple of weeks, and I’m generally impressed, at least with the system as a whole – there were a couple of issues with the sound system as it stood.  Now, sound is important to me, given the amount of music I listen to through my PC, so […]

So I booted the Mint DVD.  Actually it’s a Live CD, so after a bit of disk-thrashing I got a working desktop with an Install icon on it.  Thought I’d go straight for broke and clicked to see what would happen. Turned out that the best option was to stop almost immediately.  The Fedora Installation […]

So I went back again, and tried one more time to deal with the dual monitor/Nvidia driver/Xorg.conf issue.  I fiddled, I diagnosed, I followed online guides, and then I did something that broke the installation again.  Sigh. I reached for the Fedora DVD, and found instead a DVD for Mint Linux.  Feeling playful, I put […]

So, it’s going about as I expected so far.  Two long nights of frustration, installing the basic system and then trying to get the graphics/monitors working, failing and starting again.  Once upon a time it was always the printers that were out to get you, these days it seems to be graphics drivers. Partly it’s […]