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So, this isn’t really about Open Source software, but I’m posting it in case it helps someone else… OK, so I use Windows XP at work. I do coding and development, that sort of stuff, so I get local admin rights to install stuff – it’s a privilege,  so I make sure to be careful […]

I was installing Windows 7 last weekend (for someone else, naturally) and I noted a couple of things which struck me as ironic. First, it was an upgrade from Vista, so the installer stuck the old system in a renamed folder. Great if you need access to files from the old setup I guess, but […]

Gah.  What a come-down.  Faced with the need for a PC that just works, in a boring, reliable, not-have-to-think-about-it sort of fashion, I’ve reverted to using XP, at least for now. Not what I intended. I console myself that all my applications are the same Open Source offerings, it’s just the platform that’s changed, but […]